Super Robot Wars 30 is an RPG that requires all your tactical skills and love to the robots. It looks like even after 30 years, Super Robot Wars are still on demand. Enjoy this precious tribute to your favorite childhood...

Super Robot Wars 30

  • William Taylor
The world of Super Robots was created by Bandai Namco Entertainment, originally known as Banpresto. It was released in 1991. Now, you can download Super Robot Wars 30 on your PC. 

Your Favorite Mecha in One Game

Super Robot Wars Steam pre-order is open for every PC owner. If you want to play on other consoles, you have to pre-order it on official stores of PlayStation or Switch. The game will be released on October 28. If you are unfamiliar with the game's mechanics, it is better to do it in advance.

There are over 47 titles with names Super Robot War games made in the RPG genre. More games are available in the same series but in different genres. If you want to be aware of what to expect downloading PS4 Super Robot Wars on your device, you have to check at least one full game in the series. Consider it as a demo of a new game.

In brief, Super Robot Wars is a massive arena for galactic battles. It gathers all your favorite characters from famous mecha anime and provides them with a noble goal to protect the world from enemies. You can fight or explore the new world through multiple adventures and quests. While you are doing this, don’t forget that you control gigantic robots, so it is better to learn how to navigate them. It has similar gameplay like the other games in the series. You make your move and have to wait while your enemy makes his move. Step by step, you destroy all the rivals and go to the Intermission. During this time you can upgrade robots and buy something for bonuses. After that, the next chapter of Super Robot Wars Switch, PC, or PS begins.

As for the graphics, just imagine the crossover between Mobile Suit Gundam, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, The Brave Police J-Decker, Magic Knight Rayearth, Code Geass, and Mazinger Z. And these are just a very few names. If you are in love with anime and the mecha genre, you have to check out these splendid graphics. And all you need to do is start to play. Choose one character and, after some time, change it for another. Take a good look at the improved graphics of the game.

The game is not as simple as you may think. While it is a single-player, you have to increase your abilities to act fast. There are lots of battles. Don’t get carried away by powerful graphics and loud noises from the engines of your enemy. Build a strategy to win this game. The latest version available is not simple at all. However, the game allows you to learn how to act before providing you with challenging tasks.

Save the World with Personal Robot

Use your favorite robot to save the world in Super Robot Wars 30. Take part in a massive battle and show all your battle skills. The game was created for anime fans. It celebrates the 30 years anniversary of the series. Players will be able to enjoy multiple bonuses.

  • Popular anime characters
  • Incredible visuals
  • Well-developed plot
  • Multiple challenges
  • High lasting appeal.
  • It is not free
  • Controls may be challenging.