Venturing into Poppy's Playtime for the first time was something of an enigma.

Poppy Playtime

  • William Taylor
With its bevy of merchandise and YouTube thumbnail fame, it was hard to escape the influence of this game, yet I had managed to do so until the time came for me to evaluate it. Developed and published by indie studio Mob Entertainment, this game strangely fascinated me, brimming with much more depth and character than anticipated.

Discovering the World of Poppy's Playtime

Entering the world of Poppy's Playtime, I found myself in the unassuming lobby of an abandoned toy factory, the setting for the game's unsettling mystery. The simplicity and minimalism of the initial scenery may initially leave you questioning the level of immersion ahead. However, bear in mind that this game was also designed with the constraints of smartphone adaptation. Rest assured that as you delve deeper, the seemingly plain façade gives way to intricate surprises and intensifying ambiance.

Unique Gameplay Mechanism

Where Poppy's Playtime truly begins to distinguish itself is with the introduction of the GrabPack, a device that elevates the entire gameplay experience. Serving as our protagonist's primary tool, with akin to the Omni-Directional Movement Gear from Attack on Titan, it enables players to manipulate their environment, solve puzzles, interact with items remotely, and even channel electricity. An ingenious addition, it cleverly blends fun, strategy, and suspense.

A New Approach to Scares

Contrary to many horror games, Poppy’s Playtime shuns the overuse of deafening audio cues to signify a scare, choosing instead a subtler, more psychological approach. The game's antagonist, Huggy Wuggy, emerges at unexpected turns and hides in eerie corners, his presence slowly seeping into the player's consciousness without the reliance on harsh sound effects. This kind of organic horror is truly the game's most effective weapon.

More Than Just A Chase

As suspense builds, periods of eerie quiet are punctuated by moments of acute dread. The game manages to escalate fear levels as the creature chases the player through the labyrinthine factory. Secluded areas that felt eerie on their own become downright nerve-wracking with the beast hot on your heels.

Future Installments

The anticipation escalates with the news that Mob Entertainment plans to expand the world of Poppy's Playtime with more chapters, reasonably priced across different platforms, and even a feature film.


Granted, my initial journey into Poppy's Playtime wasn't flawless. A couple of technical glitches marred the experience at the start, although a swift restart smoothed things out. Despite this hurdle, I found this game surprisingly immersive, with a well-thought-out narrative, clever mechanics, and psychologically impactful scares. If you're looking for an involving new universe to explore, I'd recommend giving Poppy's Playtime a try. With more chapters on the way, the future seems promising for this emerging hit.

  • Unique gameplay mechanics
  • Subtle, psychological scares
  • Potential for future expansion
  • Generic initial environment
  • Some technical issues