PayByPhone Parking is a free app that allows you to pay for parking from your smartphone. It is a convenient and easy way to pay for parking, and it is available in many cities.

PayByPhone Parking

  • Mia Johnson
The app was designed to be easy to use, you just enter the meter number, type in the amount of time you need to park, and then you can confirm your payment. Then you just drive around and enjoy your free time. When your time is running out, you just open the app again, and extend the parking time. It is as simple as that.


This app will help you to find the nearest parking spot and to pay for your parking. It includes the following features:

  • Find parking spots nearby;
  • Choose the parking time or book a spot for later;
  • Pay for parking using your phone;
  • Get directions to your parking spot;
  • View your parking history.


The design of the app is more like an advertisement for the company rather than an app to help people park. The user interface is a bit complicated and it's not friendly to use. The problem is that you have to create an account first and then you have to log in to use the app. This is not user-friendly at all. The design of the app is not attractive.


PayByPhone Parking usability is good enough for the users to use it without much effort. It has all the basic usability features required for the mobile app to be user-friendly.

The app is quite simple to use. The process of entering the parking space number is easy and the user can easily locate his parking space.

The app has a very good search feature. The users can easily search their parking space and can find it easily. The app also has a very good notification system.


The app is a good mobile parking app to use. The app has some good features that are helpful for the users. But the design of the app is quite bad. The app has to improve its design for it to be more user-friendly and to attract more customers. The usability is good, though.

  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Cashless
  • No paper receipt.
  • Not all car parks.