Gacha Club is a free-to-play mobile game application developed by Lunime on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Gacha Club

  • William Taylor
The game consists of a virtual world where players can create and personalize their own anime-style characters and dress them up in different clothing and accessories. The game also offers character creation, creation of scenes in the "studio mode", and a battle mode that allows players to fight against each other with their customized characters.


In Gacha Club, you can create your own anime-style characters, dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits, and then take them into the Studio mode where you can create your own scenes.

There are over 180 character cards (gacha) that you can collect through playing the game, leveling up your characters, or by purchasing them. Once you have the character, you can use them in the Battle mode to fight other characters in turn-based RPG battles. You can collect pets that increase your character’s stats, materials that you can use to awaken, enhance, and level up your character, and you can even collect Corrupted and DJ characters.


Gacha Club graphics are 2D and cartoonish, but still they have pretty high level of detail. The characters are anime-styled, with big round eyes, small noses, small mouth with small lips. The color palette is rather bright, but still there are not that many bright colors. Mostly it is made of pastel colors.


The replayability of the game is rather high. It has a lot of content, lots of clothes for the characters and a lot of activities. The possibilities are almost endless, all the user has to do is keep on playing to keep up with the trend in fashion. The game is free, so users can play it as much as they want.


Gacha Club is a free game that is quite popular. It has over 3 million downloads and has gotten 4.5 stars rating. It has all the main elements that make the game addictive. The game is very colorful, it has cute anime characters that the users can customize, the game has turn-based RPG battle, and it has a lot of content. The game is free, so anyone can download it. If you are tired of the same old games, this is a good game to try out.

  • No microtransactions
  • Play offline
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Gachas serve as means of non-gameplay progression.
  • No story.