FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts is an app that was developed by KPHO-TV and released on the Android platform. The app is a good one if you are based in the Phoenix area.

FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts

  • Mia Johnson
The app gives you the latest news and weather updates and also allows you to set up alerts for when you want to be notified of something important. With the alerts, you can choose the category of alerts that you want to get, as well as the time of day that you want to be alerted. The weather section of the app is very good and it is easy to quickly access the current conditions, as well as future forecasts. The app also has a section for traffic and it will tell you if there are any major problems on the road. There are also sections for entertainment, sports and much more.


This app will help you to get FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts latest news, weather alerts and traffic updates. FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts – the app to follow the channel's latest news. Stay up to date with the latest news, weather alerts, traffic updates and sports. You will get the latest news from the channel, including weather alerts, traffic news, sports news, entertainment news and much more. The app will help you to get the latest news and updates about FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts.


The app's design is beautiful and simple yet very functional. The app is exclusively for news therefore the design is very simple and clean and not overloaded. The bottom line is that the app has been designed for the user's convenience and in the way that users expect the app to be designed. The app's design has been created with the user's preference in mind. It is the reason why the app is very easy to use even for first-time users. I can say that the app is one of the best designed apps I have used so far.


The app is very clean and easy to use. The home screen is easy to navigate and is broken down into 5 sections, FOX News, Local News, Local Weather, Traffic and Notifications. The app is very visually appealing to the eyes. The video section gives you access to breaking news. The notifications section gives you the latest news and weather reports. The news section gives you access to live streaming from FOX 10 Phoenix and a full video section. The weather section gives you the latest local weather reports, hourly forecasts, and a 5-day forecast. The traffic section gives you access to traffic reports, accidents, road closures, and more. I found the app easy to use and all of the sections were easy to navigate. The content was current and updated frequently, which made this app very appealing.


FOX 10 Phoenix: News & Alerts is a well-designed app for those who want the latest news from FOX 10 Phoenix. The app is well designed and very easy to use. This is a great news app for its users. The app's design is visually appealing to the eyes. The app's content is very current and updated frequently. The app's content is well structured. The app's sections are easy to navigate. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes to stay up-to-date with the latest news.


  • Free
  • User-friendly
  • Ability to select news categories
  • Ability to view news videos.
  • You need to sign up to use it.