Among Us is a party game in the social deduction genre where you have to find out who is Impostor before he kills you. This game allows you to invite 9 more friends with you. It is available on multiple...

Among Us

  • William Taylor
The game was created by InnerSloth, an American-based game studio. It was released in 2018, on Android and iOS at first, and later appeared in Windows version.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Graphics are unique for sure in the game. Players like the colorful outfits of spacemen and the long corridors they have to explore in each location. The best thing is that these graphics do not freeze, and are made specifically for Android smartphones. Another great thing is that there are not one, but three maps. You can explore MIRA HQ, which is a headquarter, The Skeld, which is a spaceship, and Polus, which is the planet. The bad thing about it, that there are almost no landscapes. If you like 2D graphics, you will enjoy the game.

Controls 10/10

The game was originally created for your Android smartphone. It is simple to play no matter which device you choose. You have to perform versatile small quests while trying to figure out an identity of an impostor, which does not require many skills. At the same time, the interface looks well-organized. You see the vital indicators, your friends, and all the tools you need.

Gameplay 10/10

Among Us is another version of the incredibly popular board game Mafia. You can invite your friends to join you in this game right during the party. All you need is a device to run the game on and Wi-Fi. The main features of the game:

  • The game gives you a character that you have to protect by all means. You can either become a crewmate or impostor;
  • The task of crewmate is to perform versatile quests on the map that was chosen while trying to understand who is impostor before you will be killed;
  • The main goal of the impostor is to try to persuade other crewmates that you are another crewmate, performing similar tasks. At the same time, you can damage the oxygen system, kill crewmates one by one, turning them into ghosts, and plan other diversions.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

The game can be easily finished in no time if the impostor cuts out the oxygen, blows up the spaceship, or kills everyone step by step. It can be finished with crewmates finding the real impostor. At the same time, you may start the game from the very beginning, switching the roles. It is an evergreen game.

The Attractiveness of Among Us

Among Us is a fun lighthearted game that does not require any previous experience. You have to figure out who is an impostor or how to kill everyone without getting caught. This is a great way to spend time with friends while being online.

  • Simple to follow quests
  • Reveals your detective skills
  • Vivid unique graphics
  • Up to 10 players at once
  • You can fool all your friends
  • The game can be over in a few seconds