The Ultimate Guide to God of War Ragnarok: Conquer the Nine Realms as a Beginner!

  • William Taylor
  • Apr 05, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to God of War Ragnarok: Conquer the Nine Realms as a Beginner!

Are you ready to face off against the most powerful gods and monsters of Norse mythology? Then it's time for you to grab your axe, dust off your shield, and prepare yourself for an epic journey with God of War Ragnarok! This beginner's guide will give you all the tips and tricks necessary so that you can survive this adventure like a pro. Let's get started!

1. React Quickly - Color-Coded Rings Symbolize Different Attacks

In order to make sure that you don't get overwhelmed by enemies during combat, make sure that you pay close attention to the colored rings that appear above them. These rings are used to symbolize different attacks; blue means a light attack, red means a heavy attack, and yellow indicates an unblockable one. Reacting quickly is key in order to successfully evade these incoming blows or counterattack accordingly.

2. Take Your Time Exploring New Areas – Don't Rush It!

It can be tempting when exploring a new area for the first time but try not to rush it too much in case there are hidden treasures or secrets waiting just around the corner which could come in handy later on down your journey. Make sure not to miss any chest or collectible by taking your time while making progress through each region (or realm).

3. Utilize Your Companions To Their Fullest Potential

Your companions are essential allies who will help make things easier along your quest – whether they're helping out during battles or providing useful information about certain areas – as such, always remember to take full advantage of their abilities when needed since they cannot be replaced easily once lost. If at all possible!

Utilize Companions

4. Shop Regularly At The Dwarven Shops For Gear Upgrades And Weapons

Dwarven shops scattered throughout the Nine Realms offer many interesting items, such as weapons upgrades and armor pieces which may prove very helpful along your travels, so make sure not to forget to visit them regularly whenever possible in order to maximize their potential benefits during tougher fights ahead!

5. Spend XP And Hacksilver Wisely For Maximum Benefit

Although having plenty of XP (experience points) & Hacksilver (the game currency) may seem like a great thing, more often than not, these resources should be spent wisely since it’ll provide maximum benefit towards upgrading/buying/selling items among other things within God Of War Ragnarok. also know when enough is enough, too, because overspending isn't exactly advisable either here way, though, depending on what needs sorting out specifically with Kratos & Co.'s current situation(s)!

6. Keep An Eye Out For Enemy Levels Before Engaging

In Combat Whenever engaging hostile foes (enemies), always keep an eye out for their respective levels before launching into battle because that'll determine how tough said enemy actually is. Also, if there happen to be multiple same-leveled opponents, then fighting strategically still applies here, too, whether facing single targets / multiple targets alike, thanks due large part to Kratos' incredible combat potential from his own arsenal as well as the godlike powers he carries with him!

Keep An Eye Out For Enemy Levels

7. Always remember to heal in the middle of combat

As soon as your health reserves start to dwindle in the middle of combat, feel free to use healing potions, as this will allow Kratos to stay alive longer and fight more effectively against stronger opponents without risking death due to the lack of precautions taken beforehand! Additionally, the use of natural elements also works wonders to maintain a balance of health, especially during vital moments when every second counts. Otherwise, the end result would be a catastrophic defeat rather than a glorious victory!

8. Discover new regions + mystical gates through exploration

One thing never changes; no matter what game we play, exploration always plays a big role, discovering new regions and secret locations and finding mystical gates connecting different parts of the nine realms. Even those who seek to expand their knowledge bases, such as on myths, sagas, and the Viking Age, want to explore even more, uncovering the hidden secrets left behind by ancient civilizations long gone by. In addition, bonus points will be awarded to those who can find first-class loot, coveted rewards found in the aforementioned places, respectively, speaking, of course!

9. Look for legendary chests with valuable rewards

Last but not least, legendary chests with valuable rewards scattered across the nine kingdoms await brave adventurers willing to risk everything to find them. So the next time you want to be challenged, look out for the exciting quest for legendary items that can only be obtained in the most challenging raiding dungeons available right now! Not to mention the bragging rights associated with unlocking said achievements. Success stories will come later. So start searching for a warrior and get started today!

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