5 Best Games Similar to Doom

  • William Taylor
  • Sep 24, 2021
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5 Best Games Similar to Doom

Doom is a classic first-person shooter game. This article will explore 5 other games you may enjoy if you want something similar to Doom. I tried to pick the most known ones and those that have as simple gameplay as Doom.

1. Serious Sam

This is a vintage FPS shooter. It has a retro feel and is a fast-paced experience. It is a first-person shooter with a lot of iconic weapons, such as shotguns, miniguns, pistols and rocket launchers. In Serious Sam, you are sent back to the past to fight a catastrophic alien invasion and save the Earth. Regardless of the mostly aggressive mood of the game,  it has a lot of funny moments, easter eggs and goofs.

serious sam 2 wallpaper

2. Duke Nukem Forever

This is a 3D shooter with a retro feel. Duke Nukem Forever is a first-person shooter that will take you on a wild ride through a world filled with aliens, monsters, and women. Combat is fast and furious, and Duke is armed with plenty of weapons to use. Players start Duke Nukem Forever by choosing one of four game modes, including the single-player campaign, or co-op campaign, or DukeMatch, or Duke-Nukem-in-a-Match. The game also features a multiplayer deathmatch.

duke nukem wallpaper

3. Quake

This is a first-person shooter that is old-school in its style. Quake has a retro feel and is fast-paced. It features a variety of weapons, including the chainsaw, the shotgun, the rocket launcher, and the plasma gun. Players start Quake by choosing from one of four character classes, including the Ranger, the Soldier, the Scout, and the Vadge.

4. Unreal Tournament

This is a first-person shooter with a sci-fi feel. Unreal Tournament is a fast-paced, team-oriented multiplayer first-person shooter. In this game, players start with a default loadout of a pistol, a knife, a shield, and a jetpack. It has a variety of maps, including the DM-Deck16, DM-Deathknell, and DM-Toxic.

5. Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter with a sci-fi feel. It is a well-known game that is still popular today. Half-Life 2 features a well-written story, voice acting, and a wide range of characters. The game starts with the protagonist, Gordon Freeman, being woken up by the mysterious G-Man. Gordon is taken to the Black Mesa Research Facility. He is told to stop the alien invasion, but many obstacles will get in his way.

half-life 2


Each one of these games is a known classic of first-person shooters. They all have their own unique feel, and they're all worth a look. I can guarantee that you will enjoy each second of gameplay, regardless of which one you choose.


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