WhatsApp Introduces Communities to Improve Topic-Based Engagement and Discovery

  • William Taylor
  • Nov 07, 2022
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WhatsApp Introduces Communities to Improve Topic-Based Engagement and Discovery

WhatsApp spoke about its intentions to create a convenient mechanism for group chats back in April. And now, after half a year, the ‘Communities’ update appeared in the application, which is replete with features for group chats.

If we briefly describe the innovation as concisely as possible, then communities are a convenient tool for communicating on a certain topic. With its help, various communities who share topics can be united under one roof, which greatly simplifies interaction. This is especially useful in the social realm where the user is in communities for school, work, and their neighborhood, and in certain situations, these groups can become part of a subgroup of one larger group.

Each community should have a description that clearly states its purpose, as well as a list of subgroups included in it. Accordingly, each member of the community can independently choose the necessary subgroups. Thanks to this solution, the internal hierarchy of group chats is improved, and their search becomes much easier. This will also benefit brands, which will be able to build a more effective marketing strategy through Communities. The latest update also affected the functionality of group chats, which received access to group audio calls, emoji reactions, larger file sharing, and a number of other useful tools.

The appearance of Communities in WhatsApp is an excellent solution for increasing user activity. The convenience of such control inside chats cannot be overestimated. The new functionality is of the greatest importance for the local community and the management of small local group chats.

Do you like the idea of Communities on WhatsApp? Will this affect the time users spend in the app? Please share your opinion below.


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