The Next Generation of Pokemon: 230 Pre-Existing Species Coming to Scarlet & Violet!

  • Mia Johnson
  • Feb 28, 2023
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The Next Generation of Pokemon: 230 Pre-Existing Species Coming to Scarlet & Violet!

Today's Pokemon Presents announcement revealed that the new games, Scarlet & Violet, will receive a two-part DLC later this year. According to Centro Leaks, the DLC will include 230 pre-existing Pokemon species. This is excellent news for franchise fans, as they can look forward to seeing some classic favorites return in these new games.

This isn't the first time that pre-existing Pokemon have been added to a newer game; previous installments in the series have seen various species from past generations brought back and given an overhauled design. However, what makes this particular addition unique is its sheer size; 230 different species is far more than any other content update released for a single game before now. It's also worth noting that this won't be limited to popular picks like Pikachu or Charizard; many of these returning Pokemon are fan favorites and deep cuts alike.

The selection included in Centro Leaks' image seems pretty comprehensive, with creatures from all walks of life represented here - legendary and non-legendary alike - so it should be interesting to see how these additions affect gameplay once they're finally released later this year. On top of giving players access to some beloved characters from previous generations, there's also potential for them to gain access to some new strategies as well if they manage to combine their newfound team members correctly.

Of course, while adding old monsters into a brand new setting might sound exciting on paper, there’s still no telling how this content drop could shake up Scarlet & Violet when it eventually arrives sometime later in 2023. As such, we'll just have to wait until then before seeing how successful Nintendo was with bringing together two separate worlds within one package - something very few games have managed thus far without too much trouble, at least!


With 230 different species on board and plenty of potential strategies available, thanks to their presence combined with those already present in Scarlet & Violet’s base version – fans are certainly looking forward to exploring what happens when they mix these two universes come 2023!

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