Release Schedule Update for Anticipated Film "Beyond the SpiderVerse"

  • William Taylor
  • Aug 17, 2023
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Release Schedule Update for Anticipated Film "Beyond the SpiderVerse"

Spider-Man fanatics were crushed to find out that Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-verse was delayed indefinitely a few weeks back. However, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have recently shared an update about the finale of the animated Miles Morales trilogy.

In a chat with Digital Spy while promoting their latest project, Strays, the creative minds behind Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse couldn't disclose a new release date. When probed for more information, Lord explained: "Discussing dates is beyond our control, but rest assured we're diligently working on the project and will take the necessary time to ensure its excellence."

Miller also clarified their goals for the film: "Our objective with the movie is to create the most satisfying ending possible for the story, explore uncharted narrative territories, and elicit emotions from laughter to tears, excitement and introspection."

In the wake of reports about animators' exhaustion on the recent films, this delay could grant them time to produce a top-quality film without compromising their well-being. While this may seem too optimistic considering it's Hollywood, we still hold out hope.

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