Google Assistant Introduced a Lot of Useful Tools for Children, Including Dictionary and Cool Voices

  • William Taylor
  • Nov 05, 2022
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Google Assistant Introduced a Lot of Useful Tools for Children, Including Dictionary and Cool Voices

Now the use of the Google Assistant by children, as well as their parents, will be even more enjoyable and useful, as a number of tools have appeared. First of all, the changes affected such an important aspect as the parental control settings, which will make it possible to more effectively protect the child from unwanted content while using Google Assistant on various gadgets.

All of these new tools will be available simultaneously for all company-wide apps, including Google Assistant, Family Link, and Google Home. The new software will allow you to completely disable Assistant functionality, set up a smart function for restricting content from unwanted sources, and also set the time when access to the system for your child will be disabled. To access the new settings, say "Hey Google, open Assistant settings."

The new update also brings a useful updated vocabulary that is aimed at children. It will give answers in a more understandable and simple style. Immediately after the recognition of the child's voice by the system, Google Assistant will automatically switch to the "child" dictionary.

The most notable change, however, will be the addition of four new child voices to Google Assistant. So now, children will communicate with a similar child inside the device, which will increase their desire to explore the world and ask questions. The new voices themselves were designed to be as different as possible, taking into account accents, in order to be enjoyable for the largest possible audience. Also, their speech is clearer and slower, it is somewhat reminiscent of a teacher's speech, which is easier for children to understand.

Do you like the way Google caters to the needs of children? Should you give your child access to Google Assistant? Please leave your comments below.


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