Fortnite Unvaults the Flint-Knock Egg Launcher for Easter

  • Mia Johnson
  • Mar 30, 2023
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Fortnite Unvaults the Flint-Knock Egg Launcher for Easter

Fortnite is no stranger to celebrating holidays, and this Easter is no exception. To help players celebrate the season, Epic Games has brought back the Egg Launcher, a reskinned Grenade Launcher that fires eggs instead of grenades. The eggs cause an explosion wherever they land and can be used as weapons or just for fun. Players can also eat the eggs they collect to gain a temporary boost in speed and jump height. So if you're looking for something festive to do while waiting for candy-filled baskets from your friendly neighborhood Easter Bunny, give Fortnite's egg-firing weapon a try!

The return of the Egg Launcher marks not only an exciting new way to enjoy Fortnite this Easter but also an interesting development about how Epic Games approaches holiday content in its popular battle royale game. While Halloween gets special events like Fortnitemares and Christmas gets exclusive skins and cosmetics, other holidays have been neglected until recently, especially when it comes to weapons like guns or launchers, which are usually too serious for festive dates on the calendar. The fact that Epic chose to reintroduce a weapon specifically designed around Easter shows how much effort they are putting into making sure all their players get some seasonal cheer, even if it isn't Halloween or Christmas yet!

These eggs explode wherever they land and will damage any nearby enemies if they catch them unaware. However, these eggs won't just be used as weapons – you can also eat them for great effects like increased health regeneration or additional shield points!

To obtain one of these weapons during Easter week, simply head into The Loop and look out for special “Egg Vending Machines”, which will have randomized loot drops, including this unique firearm. You may even find yourself some free consumable eggs along with your purchase too! Once you've got your hands on an Egg Launcher, make sure you check out the various limited-time game modes available during that week, such as Prop Hunt, where teams must hide from each other using disguises made from props scattered throughout the map.

If firing exploding eggs isn't enough to satisfy your festive needs, then don't worry because there are plenty more activities happening over in The Loop during Easter week, such as hunts for hidden golden bunnies scattered around maps or secret egg hunts where players must search high and low for potential rewards! So whatever type of player you are, there should be something here to keep everyone entertained over the holidays.

In conclusion, Fortnite looks set to provide us with yet another exciting event over Easter, with its release of the Flint-Knock Egg Launcher and other fun activities taking place across The Loop throughout that entire week! Whether firing exploding eggs at opponents or hunting down golden bunnies, there is something here for everyone, so make sure not to miss out on all this fun come April when everything kicks off.

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